KEVIN TENGESDAL Bismarck Mar 11, 2015

Remember Jesus sitting down and talking with a scorned Samaritan woman and asking her for a drink of water? When His disciples returned, they didn’t panic witnessing Christ talking alone with a woman. They trusted Him and His ministry, holding no fear or contempt with this woman.

How does this story encounter us today? It impresses me personally — Christ isn’t horrified of me being gay, for being who He designed me to be. The story impacts today’s gay Christians and straight Christian allies collectively with a message of hope in His presence. Love knows no boundaries, knows no risks, knows no sin. Jesus meets us where we are, engages with us, and makes covenant with us. His grace is full of mystery.

Here in North Dakota we have “ministries” and individuals who prefer contempt, hatred, or discrimination against our gay citizens and their families. Gays and lesbians live their lives anticipating public condemnation, often fueled by these “ministries.” SB2279 will give protection from these discriminations in the workplace, in accommodations, and in credit transactions

We know God is holy. We know hatred and discrimination is not holy. Can you be the voice for the marginalized living in the shadows? Will there be a North Dakota ministry to rise up and speak against contempt given to our fellow North Dakota gay citizens? Let there be a faith group with a louder voice supporting SB2279 in this North Dakota legislative session. May it start with you.

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear…” 1 John 4:18


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