Congrats on Oban’s election

Congrats on Oban’s election

By KEVIN R. TENGESDAL Bismarck Nov 7, 2014

District 35, congratulations on electing Erin Oban to represent you in the North Dakota Senate. You have selected an outstanding citizen. Here are a few reasons for how I believe Oban will represent us properly:

  1. Oban’s history of respect speaks volumes to me, as well as the respect afforded her by people from all demographics.
  2. She’s a woman from small-town origins who knows that there is more to North Dakota than just Bismarck and its politics.

  3. She listens and connects with all people, even with those of us who may hold a different viewpoint or two.

  4. She is most courageous in taking a stand for that which can better and benefit the citizens of North Dakota.

  5. Her humble faith in God, which she does not force upon others, whether by serving with her Lutheran church fellowship, whether with her years teaching with Bismarck Catholic schools or whether in welcoming people she has just met.

For me, Oban is the only right choice for new opportunities and new leadership in District 35’s Senate seat. Congratulations, Senator-elect Oban.


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