Seeking forums for District 35

Seeking forums for District 35

By KEVIN TENGESDAL Bismarck Mar 17, 2013

I have taken notice of bi-partisan legislative forums being held across North Dakota as legislators return to their home districts on weekends during the legislative session, from Grand Forks to Fargo, to Minot to Dickinson, and many rural districts in between. I have seen press coverage about these except from within my own district here in Bismarck — District 35.

So, I emailed my legislators. Sen. Margaret Sitte replied, “Yes, March 23 at the Tom Baker Meeting Room from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.” However, a friend informed me, “This is a League of Women Voters forum planned for all area legislators, not just for her. It will be moderated.”

I emailed the legislators to verify. Rep. Bob Martinson replied, “Hi Kevin … one of the main reasons we don’t have forums is because Bismarckers come to the Capitol every day to visit with us, and you are also always welcome … (it’s a League meeting).”

While I appreciate knowing that, because I live within Bismarck, I can “come to the Capitol every day to visit with (them)”, I, along with other constituents, work every day.

This is an open request to Sitte, Martinson and Rep. Karen Karls to hold a public meeting or forum where your constituents can ask you questions and hear your views about this session. Not one that’s sponsored and moderated by the League of Women Voters, but one that is offered as a service to the constituents of District 35 you have been elected to serve.

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