What is there to apologize for?

What is there to apologize for?

By KEVIN TENGESDAL Bismarck Feb 28, 2013

Janne Myrdal’s letter of Feb. 24 states, “Concerned Women for America of North Dakota objects strongly to the recent ‘vigil’ outside a state senator’s home in Bismarck and suggests that a public apology is in order.”

For what should the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens of North Dakota, their families and their allies apologize?

Apologize that North Dakota citizens exercised their constitutional right to peacefully assemble?

Apologize that over 30-plus heterosexual friends and family members took a stand at the silent vigil? Apologize that society within North Dakota inches forward while some in the Legislature want to advance backward?

Apologize for the Senate 21 who emphatically gave a “yea” vote against sexual-orientation discrimination?

Apologize that some 20 people (grandmas, moms, organizations, people of faith and others) bravely spoke in support of the bill during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing? Apologize for the number of emails, blogs and letters written in advocacy of SB2252?

Apologize that the proposed legislation included exemptions for religious organizations?

Apologize for those who, on a daily basis, courageously initiate change and progress in North Dakota?

For which of these is a public apology in order?



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