Where’s the threat?

Where’s the threat?

KEVIN R. TENGESDAL, Bismarck Oct 2, 2004

Fellow North Dakotans, before you resolve to vote for Measure 1 on the November ballot, please consider the following:

  • Couples marry because they love each other and want to celebrate their commitment in front of God and their family and friends, not only for the legal bond.

Why not allow the joy of marriage and commitment among same-sex couples sharing a lifetime union? Is it rational to deny some families the joys and protections that all other families are free to enjoy?

  • Homosexuals are not out to destroy the family. Is homosexuality the cause of high divorce rates, single-parent homes, abandoned children, out-of-wedlock births or abortions?

Protect the institution of marriage by allowing it to advance to meet the diversity of family structures in North Dakota.

  • With their own established traditions in faith, the extreme right suppresses those who are deemed a “threat.” Is that following Christ’s example in reaching out with compassion and understanding? Search the original languages and culture of God’s written word and discover the truth about what the Bible reveals regarding same-sex situations.

As a Bible-believing, born-again Christian who is gay, I have done so – and God’s love is true. Allow the simplicity of faith in Micah 6:8 guide your decisions.



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